Private Cremation

Your pet is cremated in complete privacy. No other animals are in the cremation chamber. Your beloved pet's cremains are returned to you in urn associated with your package of choice. You can also upgrade to any urn from our beautiful selection.

  • Standard
  • Privately Cremated
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Handmade Wooden Urn
  • 1 Impression of your pet's paw in clay
  • Grief Pamphlet
  • Deluxe
  • Privately Cremated
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Wooden Photo Urn
  • Brass Nameplate
  • 1 Ceramic Paw Print
  • Grief Pamphlet


If the urn that comes with our Standard Private Service does not suit your taste, You may upgrade to any urn of your choosing.

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We also have a wide array of jewelry that you can choose from, some with engravings of your animals print or words to remember them and others with spaces to keep your loved one nearby. You even have the option to have a portion of your loved one's remains to be transformed into a pendant.

Every private cremation includes a paw print keepsake. People ask us all the time, if it is actually a paw print from their pet... and Yes, it is. All of us at Bluegrass Pet Crematorium do our very best to capture a beautiful paw impression for each and every animal that comes into our care. We believe strongly in the importance of these keepsakes, as it is a tangible reminder of your loved one. You can hold the paw print in your hand and feel the impression while remembering your pet, some families choose to put them in a shadow box, and others use it as an ornament. Whatever your family chooses to do with your keepsake please know that each one was lovingly crafted by one of our team members.

  • Clay Paw Print + $20
  • Ceramic Paw Print + $30
  • Brass Nameplate + $15
  • Bracelet + $32
  • Necklace + $36